Scented Sachet

Scented sachets: The home fragrance product you’ve been missing out on!

If you’ve been trying to find a way to keep small spaces smelling fresh without spraying air freshener or perfume daily, Aromar’s scented sachet is just what you’ve been looking for. Scent sachets are discreet fragrance packets that add bold fragrances to small spaces.

Consider our fragrance sachetscloset, drawer, and car fresheners, and everywhere-in-between fresheners. Stuff them in coat pockets or between linens, in clothes drawers or office drawers, under your car seats or in the pockets behind them. Place them in luggage, under sinks, in shoe boxes, in gym bags, on the bathroom counter. The possibilities are endless!

To satisfy your wholesale scented sachet needs, we’ve created a range of 12 scents, all of which last up to 9 months. To make the scent pop, give the packet a light shake. There’s no need to open it or add it to anything. Plus, the fragrance lasts longer inside the packet and works just fine through the paper envelope.

As scented sachet manufacturers, we produce our sachets right here in Miami, FL, USA. We’re more than happy to provide them to you as wholesalers or retailers. You’re more than welcome to explore our variety of sachet packets – we hope you find a scent to enjoy!


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