We believe in quality and honesty

At Aromar we love using our own products! Why? Because we believe in them. Their quality is shaped by our passion, and so are our partnerships. This is why we will always let you know clear prices, MSRP’s, safety instructions… along with the optimal placement areas for the highest possible ROI.

Customer Service

We are available for you from 9:30a.m. to 6:00p.m. on weekdays.

Low Pricing

As manufacturers we offer LOW prices. So get yours from the source!

Talented Workers

We have an in-house perfumer, and real people for you to talk to!

Personalized Orders

Tell us what your business needs, and we will accommodate. Promise.

Who we are

We don't like to brag... but we do like to travel! And this is what has gained us recognition throughout the world, to date, our products are in over 58 countries, and we sure love to visit!
From a filled up SUV and lots of knocking, Aromar grew with the support of mom-and-pop stores. Families were allowing us to scent their lives, and this drive kept growing into who we are today, manufacturers, suppliers, professionals, fathers, mothers, and friends. Always thriving together with quality and honesty.
We want scents, LOTS of them! And, as a family company we want to stick to our roots. Aromar, a household brand that families can trust and that no matter what happens, will always have the right fragrance for the right time.”


The Big C

This was the year that Aromar was born, and our company was officially made.


Baby Steps

We’re still very proud of this! It was quite a moment to see when we reached our 1,000th client.


An Explosion

Although 2020 can be remembered by many negative factors, this was the year that we doubled in size. Helping with sanitation and providing the community with necessities.

Our Professionals

So, what’s been the secret to our growth? You! Our trusted partners believed in the vision, they believed that high-quality products shouldn’t be overpriced, and they wanted to sell them to the masses. We made our products affordable by eliminating unnecessary intermediaries, and passing these savings onto our clients and staff. With no middle man, employees get paid more, and return on investment skyrockets.”