Oil Burners

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Oil burners (also calledoil warmers)bring pleasant scents and aromatherapy benefits to any space they’re placed when used with your favorite fragrance or essential oils, or scented wax. By heating oil-infused water, it releases gleeful fragrance and essential oils’ therapeutic properties into the air.

If you’re familiar with oil diffusers, oil warmers are very similar. The difference? Oil diffusers disperse fragrance particles into the air through a cool steam and oil warmers warm the oil to strengthen and spread fragrance. Also, oil warmers tend to be a bit smaller than diffusers. Oil warmers make it easy to envelop your office, bedroom, living room, yoga studio, spa, or any other space in decadent aromas!

Aromar’selectric oil burners come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to satisfy every style preference.As wholesale oil burner distributors, we carry a few different types of oil burners: touch lamp oil burners, copper oil burners,and dimmer lamp oil burners. And for those who prefer to preserve table space, we carryplug-in oil warmers that are just as effective as our standard oil warmers and function as night lights.

Though we are a wholesaler and distributor, you don’t have to buy our oil burners wholesale. Feel free to check out our retail page if you’re interested in purchasing only a few oil burners for gifts or for various places around your home. Our customer service team is always happy to be in touch if you have any inquiries!


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