The scented product for your spiritual, meditative, and relaxation practices!

At Aromar, we aim to provide scented products for every occasion and every space. So, for everyone who enjoys adding a fragrant touch to their spiritual, meditative, and relaxation practices, we create and import incense sticks for wholesale and retail. We want you to be able to burn any scent you would like to help bring your intentions and manifestations to fruition.

Incense has been around for thousands of years and is used to enhance spiritual occasions and rituals, promote mental clarity & physical relaxation, and fill spaces with therapeutic aromas. You can use it to improve focus for meditation and mindfulness, and let’s not forget it’s a natural mood booster and creativity stimulator!

As wholesale incense manufacturers and distributors, our selection of wholesale incense includes our own USA-made incense sticks from our Miami facility, as well as authentic Nag Champa and HEM incense sticks imported from India. All of our incense sticks are made with natural ingredients to offer you the best fragrances and experiences.

How to use your incense sticks:
Set the incense stick appropriately in the incense burner then light the end. Watch as the ashes fall onto the burner tray or box and enjoy its mighty aroma. When finished, gently blow out the flame. Make sure to use in a properly ventilated space.

Check out our incense products and see if they’re right for you. If they are, our customer service team would be happy to be in touch!


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