Aromatic Accessories

Light up your room with adorable tea light candles!

Tiny and powerful, our unscented tea light candles are suitable for a variety of occasions, like date night, family movie night, Christmas Eve, or even sharing spooky ghost stories or setting a relaxing bath. They provide ambient lighting to create an atmosphere that’s romantic, spooky, cozy, festive, or relaxing – anything you want it to be.

Set on countertops or on outdoor tabletops, Aromar’s tea light candles make a great light source for nighttime.Each candle can burn for up to 60 minutes.

Our wholesale tea light candles are sold as 50 units per bag so you can light as many candles as you’d liketo createyour ideal ambiance.

If you’d rather not use candles for lighting, they are perfect for wax burners and oil warmers
Paired with one of our wholesale oil burners, our little candles warm scented oils and spread their aroma throughout the room.

Enjoy our bulk tealight candles at wholesale prices and sit back as they become your favorite USA-made tea lights.We love providing you with high quality fragrance products at low costs, and we will continue to do so. Please feel free to browse our oil burners so you can welcome delicious aromas with your tea lights!


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